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If we could identify and measure the way children feel and have felt; we can design a proactive, personalised plan that supports well being, develops resilience and fuels learning.

To ensure trust, enjoyment and engagement in the reintroduction of pupils, parents and staff, our hub helps understand and share the need of every child's unique needs so that every child's needs can be met, uniquely. 

As a child, being understood shouldn't be down to luck or luxury, it should be a basic human right.

We must recognise that personalising the way in which we identify, support and teach children is the only way we can proactively protect their mental health, develop resilience or promote well being. 

Our ambition is to make The Reintroduction Hub free for every child in the UK to utilise as they are reintroduced to their classroom post Covid-19.

We rely on the support of other organisations, trusts and foundations to make this possible.