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Although we know what we need to do and why we need to do it, knowing how can be incredibly challenging.

As we return to school post Covid-19, we know that there is a huge pressure for teachers and educators to get things right. 

Whether it's the delivery of a catch up curriculum, offering support to traumatised and bereaved children or restoring routine and creating new habits, we know the expectation and the importance of the delivery but our team have focused on the 'how' so that we can lend a hand and share the load. 

Live webinar
Bespoke resources

Join our planned live webinar or commission a bespoke webinar for your staff.  We will showcase techniques and tools that will help support children and their unique needs as they return to school 

General resources are available and can be downloaded via our website. However, we can create bespoke resources - for your school, your staff or your pupils. These resources facilitate understanding and allow needs to be matched with appropriate support to ensure engagement in learning and mental well being. 

Whether it's mentoring your staff or designing the architecture of the next academic year, Sarah Dove and the Phoenix Education team offer coaching and consultancy that reduces exclusions, supports behaviour and improves mental health of children and young people in learning environments.