• Sarah Dove

What's the matter?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Going back to school is just around the corner and it is difficult to predict what will be waiting for us.  It is challenging to know how we should prepare; as a teacher, a parent and even as a child.  We are likely to notice that our children are quieter than usual, sadder than usual, naughtier or louder.  We are likely to ask ‘what’s the matter?' without getting an answer that is meaningful or gives us a way of supporting. 

In asking our children, 'what's wrong?’, we are expecting them to be able to understand and clarify their needs.

We must recognise that now, more than ever before, undefined questions may fail children and in turn, they will utilise their behaviour to express how they are feeling and share what they need. Perhaps in ways that is unhelpful to the school community. 

Although we ask, 'what's wrong?', as educators and professionals, it is likely that we will need to see what is wrong; to observe, notice and identify what is difficult by understanding what a child shows us rather than what they are able to tell us.

The Reintroduction Hub, an online platform to gauge children’s experiences of COVID-19 and beyond along with supporting coaching and consultancy services, are designed to help you observe, measure and understand what children need through their behaviour rather than their words.

If you would like to learn more, please download information on our website or get in touch using

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